I think some peope are either loving or hating the earcuff right now. Or maybe it still hasn’t reached its full popularity yet. Either way, I think they’re awesome!

I love earrings! They are probably my favorite piece of jewelery to wear. From studs to statement pieces, earrings just pull an outfit together. Even hoops are still and always will be, a part of my daily wardrobe (there’s nothing you can say that will make me think otherwise.) However, earcuffs are super fun to rock when you want to take a break from your everyday earrings. You can wear an earcuff on one ear or both!

The earcuff pictured above is from H&M and only $8! I also bought another pair of gold earcuffs for $6 at H&M! The gold ones are leaf-shaped and more subtle so I wouldn’t mind wearing on both ears, but an earcuff that’s a little bigger, maybe only wear on one to make a statement. P.S. Turn up your statement x10 by rocking a deep side part, ponytail, or bun and REALLY show off that cuff!

Here’s a nice pair to start with!: H&M Earcuffs

Loves! Xo

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