Kim K. Inspired



I have to say- I love. love. LOVE ! Kim Kardashian’s crop top w/ pencil skirt! Not only does she seriously rock this style (what style can’t she rock?) but she manges to make it so casual. Some may think of a pencil skirt as the career woman’s go-to outfit, but they are so versatile!

I was determined to find the perfect skirt and top to create Kim’s look. My excitement went into overdrive when I saw these two pieces at Zara. I was looking everywhere, literally everywhere, for a basic, loose, white crop-top. You wouldn’t think something I can probably make myself would be so hard to find, right? Believe me, these crop-tops are super popular so I’d buy in any color if you can find one! Once I found my top, it was on to the skirt. This faux leather tube skirt immediately caught my eye. It’s pale blue color is subtle and soft to create a more relaxed and casual look! #MISSIONCOMPLETE

Loves! Xo

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