Fake a Tan !

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I think it’s safe to say that we would all love a sun-kissed glow all year round. Sadly, that’s just not possible.

I get asked all the time if I go tanning. Truth is, I haven’t been tanning in over a year! I admit, I used to roll my eyes at all those articles about how bad tanning is for you and continued to go all the time. I learned my lesson when I had a little scare of my own. From that point on I realized how bad it is for you, so I decided to stop, because I wanted to keep my skin healthy and safe. Ladies, I get it- it’s great being tan all the time and those little bulbs of happiness put you in the best mood but seriously, the health risk is not worth it. Although, I will say, the good ol’ days of working at a tanning salon and tanning for free will forever be in my heart. (Moment of silence for Tropical Fantasy)

Now, just because I gave up tanning, does not mean I accepted being pale. And you don’t either!…Thanks to the best self-tanner ever! I’ve tried lots of self-tanning lotions, and this is the best one that works for me! I’m personally not a fan of the sprays, because I find it hard to make it even.

I swear by Jergens Natural Glow! Its offered in different shades according to skin tone, I use the medium to tan. Also, It’s super affordable and can be found at pretty much any drugstore. The key to seeing results is to use this product daily. I use it everyday after the shower. You also need to be sure that it’s rubbed in COMPLETELY-otherwise you’ll get streaks.

I know there are plenty of self-tanning lotions out there, so you have to find that one that works best for you, but Jergens Natural Glow is definitely worth a try! At the end of the day, you’re keeping your skin safe from those dangerous UV bulbs, but still managing to get a great healthy glow! (What could be better?)

Loves! Xo




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