Perf Pair of Blue Jeans !


So…I don’t know if its just me, but during winter months, if I’m not in my gym clothes and besides special occasions, I’m mostly in leggings/sweatpants (anything to keep warm.)

Now that we are transitioning to Spring and its not warm enough to go straight to shorts, I figured I’d get myself a nice pair of jeans. I do probably have plenty of jeans already, but I really wanted to find a nice pair of rich, bright-blue, slightly ripped, jeans. I don’t know why such a specific pair of jeans, I guess it was just what I envisioned.

It is very hard for me (and probably every other girl) to find a good pair of jeans that last. These jeans I found at Zara and fit great! And yes, I did use a filter in the photo just to even out the lighting, but I swear, they are the perfect shade of blue!

These kind of jeans are great, because they can be worn with a nice pair of heels or wedges, but also dressed down with a pair of flip-flops. The GOODVIBES tank (also from Zara) is perf to pair with for a casual look!

Loves! Xo

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