My Love/Hate Relationship with the Kimono



Spring 2014 meet the Kimono.

I will say this is one trend I was hesitant to try. BUT, I do love experimenting so when I saw it hanging in Forever 21, I figured I’d give it a try and see what kind of outift I could come up with.

It was one of those typical times (which I know we’ve all experienced) where I loved it in the store, came home – hated it. That’s happened to me way too many times, but I was so sure about this one. In the store, I danced around the dressing room excited about all the outfits I could pair this kimono with (shorts and a tanktop? A pair of nice pants with a solid color tank? Etc) and left the store happy with my purchase. Anyways, fast foward to when I’m home….I try it on again and I feel like a grandma in my bathrobe. My happiness quickly turned to regret and decided I was going to be returning it ASAP.

Turns out, the weekend came and I needed an outfit! I decided to give the kimono another chance and paired it with black leggings and tank top. This time (to steer clear of the bathrobe feeling) I grabbed a neon green belt to wrap around my waist to pull the look together. Now I’m back to loving this trend!

This just goes to show that having mixed feelings about a trend isn’t always a bad thing. I’m so glad I never ended up returning it! You just have find what works for you and feel confident about yourself!

Loves! Xo

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