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When you add sheer and lace together, the result is ULTRA sexy.

I do admit though, the absolute required accessory for this trend is, confidence. I mean really, you’re basically wearing a dress that’s showing your underwear….and as crazy as its sounds, its super fashionable right now!

Beauty blogger, Marianna Hewitt, is stunning, wearing a black lace dress made by, Friend of Mine. Kim Kardashian rocks a Dolce & Gabbana White Lace Dress, and Lea Michele looks gorgeous wearing a Milly dress from the Fall 2014 collection.

This “peek-a-boo” look is definitely an eye catcher, so if you’re brave enough to try, be prepared for the ample amount of attention.

What can be tricky about pulling off this style is that there is a fine line between looking classy and looking trashy. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a bathing suit cover up. Therefore, I’d recommended finding a dress that has sheer and lace in all the right spots! Also, when choosing your undergarments, be sure to choose ones that have full coverage! And when I say undergarments, I don’t actually mean a bra and panties (that wouldn’t be classy)….maybe go for a somewhat spandex set of shorts and crop top that resemble lingerie. I’m sure you’d have luck finding these items at American Apparel, since they also offer a variety of different colors! A bodysuit would also work too, if you’re not quite ready to bare it all.

As for the dress – whatever matches your style! You can also opt for a dress with either sheer or lace cut-outs to create the illusion of this look, instead of being fully exposed.

So if you’re dying to try this look just as much as I am, just remember, CLASSY AND CONFIDENCE are the best accessories and I’m sure you’ll look great!

As for me, when I wake up feeling like Beyonce, and find the perfect occasion to wear this look, I’ll be sure to update!

Loves! Xo


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