The 100 Workout

20140403-045654.jpg 20140403-045702.jpg

I always love to mix up my workouts. I get extremely bored very quickly when I’m doing the same thing for too long. “The 100 Workout” is one of my most favorite and fun ones to do. It keeps you moving and it goes by in a flash!

I found this one on Instagram. This does your whole body, so you won’t feel like you missed any muscle groups! Initially, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but trust me, it WILL kick (and shape) your toosh. Give it a try! And if you have extra time pair this with 30-40 of your favorite cardio. I recommend doing the cardio before as you will be wiped after finishing this workout!

Workout cred to @cardioexercises <—- follow on Insta for more great cardio workouts!

Loves! Xo


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