The Amazing Beauty Blender!


This beauty blender has become my new best friend. A beauty blender can take the place of makeup brushes when it comes to blending your face makeup. I’ve noticed that when I use a brush to apply foundation or concealer, it will not blend as well or leave streaks. This beauty blender is the perfect fix for that!

For a while, I had been using a cheaper version of a beauty blender from CVS. It does work better than brushes, but I was hearing such great reviews about the “Original Beauty Blender,” I figured I’d splurge for the real thing. A blender from CVS is about $5, whereas, this beauty blender is about $20. I understand, “Why would I pay $20 for a sponge?,” but I promise, it will be the best purchase you have ever made!

I am glad I sprung for the real thing, because this sponge is a lot softer and applies my makeup much more evenly.

The secret behind getting the full benefits of this beauty blender is to wet it. In the picture above, the sponge on the left is dry, and the right is wet. Run the sponge under water for a few seconds then squeeze out any extra moisture – you want it to be damp. As you can see, the sponge expands, allowing it to blend evenly and absorb any excess makeup. The bigger end of the sponge is meant for bigger surfaces, like your cheeks, neck, and forehead. The smaller end is meant for smaller surfaces, like under your eyes. Use the sponge with a tapping motion all over your face, starting from the middle, tapping back to your hairline. It can be used with any kind of makeup! I use it to apply my foundation, concealer, and to contour!

I’m sure you can find this beauty blender at any kind of beauty store/website. I purchased mine at Amazon. Trust me, it’s definitely worth the splurge!

Loves! Xo



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