I’m not sure what it is, but I AM OBSESSED WITH WHITE this season. It can be worn in so many different ways- it goes with pretty much any other color and it’s also a great way to stand out by wearing an ALL white outfit!

I was so inspired by the Calvin Klein skirt and top worn by Kim Kardashian ,I had to find something like it! I was searching everywhere for an all white outfit and finally found this one at Jaide clothing. It’s so comfortable and they offer other colors! What I love most about this outfit is that you can decide how you want to wear it. With it being two separate pieces, you can either wear the skirt super high-waisted or low on your hips. It depends how much skin you feel comfortable showing, but either way, you’ll look and feel great!

This outfit has been one of my favorite purchases and I’ve been dying to find the right occasion to wear it. I’d say it’s definitely a bar/nightclub outfit so it was perfect for a night out in Atlantic City!


Loves! Xo


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