Holy nostalgia! Overalls are BACK…..and my second-grade self is jumping for joy!

I will say, of all the trends that have come and gone, this is one that I thought I’d never see again. That’s what I love about fashion, though…styles are constantly being recycled and re-invented.

Yes, at first glance, overalls will remind you of the playground days. But look how chic and effortless they look now!

Overalls can now be worn in two ways, either casual or sophisticated. In the above pictures, Alessandra Ambrosio and Selena Gomez are sporting a more casual style with classic denim overalls. Whereas, a more mature and classy version is displayed on the runway at Rag & Bone and on Kylie Jenner. Both styles look fabulous! (Who would have thought?)

I’ve been dying to try this trend, but haven’t quite found the right pair of overalls yet. If only it was as easy as it was when I was 5! Now, I’m trying to find the right one to fit my body type. Overalls can be tricky for anyone’s body type, because you don’t want to them to be too tight and look disproportioned OR too big and look frumpy.

What’s also great about overalls now, is that this style can be taken from day-to-night! Denim overalls can be worn as a casual look during the day, paired with a tank or crop top. Also, adding pointy toes pumps to your overalls, like Selena, will give a great touch of femininity. For night, a more tailored type of overalls can be also be paired with a crop top or a fitted shirt.

I’d say, take advantage of the time that overalls are back in our lives!…(before they go on another hiatus.)

Loves! Xo


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  1. I’ve been wanting to try overalls too. They are super cute and seem like such an easy way to look good for the day. Maybe that is why our moms dressed us in them when we were younger!

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