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Hello all! It’s been quite some time since my last post. Vegas + the recovery from Vegas = Zero functioning. BUT, I’m back now and can’t wait to share all these wonderful products I got while I was there! I promised myself I wouldn’t shop while in Vegas, but once I saw that Lush was in our hotel, that promise went out of the window.

Incase you haven’t heard about it, Lush is a “fresh handmade cosmetics” store. All of their products are freshly made and 100% vegetarian. They offer all kinds of products for your hair, face, body, etc. Just browsing the store is great, because the employees are super helpful and let you try samples. I didn’t plan on buying as much as did, but I’m very happy with my purchases!

Here’s what I got:

photo 5-6

My first purchase was the Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask. This is a deep cleansing mask that is great for getting rid of dirt and excess oil. It helps to balance your skin, leaving it noticeably brighter and fresher. Also, it is a stimulating mask, so its ingredients provide a tingling sensation to help revive sluggish skin. I figured after how many days of being in Vegas, my skin could definitely use some revitalizing. I tried the mask that day after I got back and loved it! To use it, you put a good amount over a cleansed and dry face, leave on for about ten minutes, then wash off with warm water. I noticed my skin was brighter after the first use and definitely recommend it!

photo 4-12

This one is my favorite! This little bar is the NEW! Shampoo. This is a stimulating cinnamon and clove shampoo bar. It is meant to promote new hair growth and rejuvenate your hair to make it shiny and soft. AND it smells wonderful !! To use this, you just wet the bar until suds form, then run the bar down your hair from your roots to your ends. At first, I was a little confused on how to use a bar as shampoo, but it really, is super easy!

photo 3-14

To promote even more healthy and long hair (because I’m obsessed), I bought this Rehab Shampoo. This is meant to bring damaged hair back to life. Its filled with a bunch of nutritious ingredients that help restore your hair’s vitality. I mixed a little of this shampoo with the NEW shampoo bar and noticed that my hair was much softer and shinier.

photo 2-18

For conditioner, I bought the American Cream Hair Conditioner. The smell is what initially sold me. It smells so delicious! Its main ingredient is fresh strawberries, which gives it it’s incredible aroma. This conditioner is meant to strengthen your hair and leave it soft, shiny, and fragrant. I wish I had sprung for the XL bottle, because I will definitely be sticking with this conditioner for a while. Using the NEW shampoo bar, Rehab shampoo, and this conditioner, I was pleased with how my hair air-dried. Not only was it shiny, but felt very soft and revitalized.

photo 1-18

And lastly, this Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water is AMAZING! After enduring all kinds of elements in Vegas, I wanted something for my face that was filled with vitamins and minerals to refresh my skin. This toner is super refreshing after a day in the sun and can also be spritzed on pre-makeup to soothe and hydrate your skin.

All of these products are fantastic and I highly recommend them! Another great thing, is that their products come in all different sizes, which make shopping sprees like mine, pretty affordable!

If it just so happens you can’t make it into a Lush store, you can find all these products below!

Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

NEW! Shampoo Bar

Rehab Shampoo

American Cream Conditioner

Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water



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  1. Okay sorry to comment on all your posts, but I love face spritzers. They are literally my favorite thing right now. I got one from Body Shop with Vitamin E and rosewater in it, and I am in love.

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