MateFit 14-day Teatox


Another detox down! And I must say, MateFit Teatox has been my favorite one so far! I did enjoy the results from the two teatox(s) I have tried before, Tiny Tea and SkinnyTea, but this time MateFit really gave me exactly what I was looking for.

I discovered MateFit by seeing their vibrant colored shaker bottles posted all over Instagram. Obviously, I had to have the bottle – because its the “little things” with me :). Soon after following MateFit (@matefitme), I saw they were a holistic tea promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle. MateFit’s Metabolic Booster Blend contains ingredients such as, yerba mate, oolong tea, and gunpowder tea (green tea) that decrease fat absorption and increases fat burn. Another plus, fat burning is significantly increased when drinking it while exercising! This teatox also comes with a detox tea to flush out toxins from your body while gaining energy from the metabolic tea.

I decided to try this teatox, because I thought it would be a great way for that extra boost of energy for late gym sessions. With my schedule now, I am hitting the gym by 8pm on most days and struggling through my workout. After reading the reviews of how great MateFit is to drink during exercise, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.

Their 14 day teatox is the smallest one you can choose from. Before, I had only done 7 days, so I was curious what the results would be after 14. What I loved about this product is that they give tea bags along with the metabolic booster and detox. This is also a loose leaf tea, and if you read my review of SkinnyTea, I didn’t really enjoy the whole “straw-avoiding” process. It was so much easier just scooping a tablespoon into the teabag and letting it soak.

On my first day, I instantly fell in love with the taste of the metabolic booster! I’m normally not a tea person, but the taste was great. For me, it taste like just the right amount of honey was added, but really did not need to be sweetened at all. They recommend a couple drops of lemon or honey to sweeten it, if it is not sweet enough for you.

I did feel more energized throughout the day and was satisfied with my appetite. In the morning you are supposed to drink the metabolic booster 15 minutes before breakfast, then 15 minutes before lunch. However, I chose to drink it before breakfast in the morning, and then during my workout at night, instead of before lunch. I felt that the morning tea lasted me until the next one at night.

Drinking this tea during my workout was extremely helpful! It gave me just the right amount of energy to get through my workout. What I also loved, which I noticed after the first day, is that I was not bloated at all. Another benefit from MateFit is that it improves your digestion function and regulates sugar cravings. I hate that “full” feeling while exercising, so I loved this benefit too.

The next day I had the detox tea at night before I went to bed, which you have every other night. I let the teabag soak for about 7-10 minutes. The taste of this was alright. Not as good as the metabolic, but drinkable. I had zero cramping during the night, but it doesn’t say you should expect to have them. I felt the effect of the detox tea in the morning, and then nothing the rest of the day. (Thank god.)

I won’t bore you with details about every single day for the 12 days that were left, but I did the same thing every day as the first two.

Now that I am done, I would definitely do this teatox again! I feel great now, and had alot more energy while I was on it!

MateFit also offers an eating plan and exercise routine on their website, so you can choose what you want to follow depending on the results that you are looking for. Like I said before, I definitely recommend MateFit. Whether you looking for fat burning, increased energy, or just all around a better health and well-being, this is a great teatox!

To purchase and find out more info, click on MateFit !

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!



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