Looo Company


The other day I had the honor of working with a new clothing brand – Looo Company. “Looo” stands for League Of Our Own, and besides from being a clothing line, Looo company is all about channeling your passion, creativity, and drive. The streetwear brand brings together those with ambition under one name – the league.

I’ve been following Looo Company since they started about a year ago and love what they stand for. I was so happy to see they started offering their product to women with these awesome crop tops! I was even more excited when they asked me to be a part of this project for dropping their new arrivals. Working with others who have such passion for what they do was truly inspiring. I’m a big believer in being you and doing what you love, so wearing this brand allows me to represent that.
The crop tops are offered in a cheetah print and black or white “looove” print. They are perfect for pairing with high waisted jeans for a street look.
Browse all the looks below and become part of the league here – Looo Company







HUGE thanks to Looo Company for having me and the great photography by Adlomedia and w0rldwidekid !



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