Favorite Beachy Hairstyle

Now everyday can be a beach day with Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray! While rummaging through countless hair products I’ve been keeping over the years, it refreshed my memory of how much I love this one.

This has been my go-to hairstyle lately and it’s super simple to achieve this messy beach hair look. All you need is an 1″ curling wand and this sea salt spray.

Section off hair at temples so the top is tied up. Starting in the front and working your way back, grab about an inch of hair and spray on the sea salt spray. Wrap hair around the curling wand away from face, leaving the ends out and hold for few seconds. Then gently pull on the curl when you release. Continue on the rest of hair. When finished, run fingers through hair a few times. Basically, just shake it out and spritz a little hairspray for flyaways.
For this hairstyle, I decided to curl each piece in the same direction, because when you shake it out, it falls into a tousled, mermaid-ish wavy look. The perfect look for summer!

Loves! xo



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