Favorite Beachy Hairstyle

Now everyday can be a beach day with Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray! While rummaging through countless hair products I’ve been keeping over the years, it refreshed my memory of how much I love this one.


Sephora Haul & Holiday Look

IMG_3934.JPGThe holidays are my favorite time of year to dress up AND glam up your make-up…and since I’ve recently splurged in Sephora, I figured I’d do a review for my favorite make-up and holiday look!


Drugstore Beauty Buys


When I can’t afford to splurge on make-up in Sephora, I turn to the next best thing -CVS!  Every single time I walk into CVS, I always leave with some kind of new make-up or beauty product (they’re just so hard to resist!).  Drugstore brands are a great alternative to the higher end make-up. Sometimes I even prefer them. I bought these awesome products the other day and just thought I’d share them with you guys, so you can try them for yourself!


Lush Haul


Hello all! It’s been quite some time since my last post. Vegas + the recovery from Vegas = Zero functioning. BUT, I’m back now and can’t wait to share all these wonderful products I got while I was there! I promised myself I wouldn’t shop while in Vegas, but once I saw that Lush was in our hotel, that promise went out of the window.