February Wish List

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Well, January managed to fly by! Now February is here and I’ve got a whole bunch of fabulous items on my wish list. I decided to skip last month’s wish list, because, really – I couldn’t wish for anything more after Christmas. And even though I am still enjoying all those goodies, I’ve got my eyes on a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe.


Winter Whites

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I just can’t think of a better color to brighten up some of the darkest days of the year. Luckily, the days of “NO white after labor day” are gone! White is the best color to refresh your wardrobe during a season filled with black and gray colors.


Black on Black

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Last night I had a great time out with my friends in NYC. For city nights, I love effortless and classic looks, so you can never go wrong with black on black. My style inspiration for this look was Kim Kardashian West. Mrs. West certainly knows exactly how to rock one my favorite looks- a crop top and pencil skirt.


Looo Company


The other day I had the honor of working with a new clothing brand – Looo Company. “Looo” stands for League Of Our Own, and besides from being a clothing line, Looo company is all about channeling your passion, creativity, and drive. The streetwear brand brings together those with ambition under one name – the league.


December Wish List

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Shop till you drop this holiday season! I’ve put together a whole bunch of goodies that I’m wishing for this month! (Ahem – fam & friends take note.) This month’s wish list is twice the size because we all deserve to be a little spoiled during the holidays!