Bundle Up In Style


It seems like the cold weather hit us like a ton of bricks, but I must admit – keeping warm this season isn’t so bad when there are so many fun fall accessory trends! I feel ya – the bitter cold (especially NYC) makes you want to lay in bed and curl up in TONS of blankets, but unfortunately that makes us no money. So when I do bundle up, I do it in style!


Career Day Essentials + WWD Careers


No matter what career you are pursuing or planning to pursue, I’m sure you’re all familiar with career day. I attended my first one the other day at my school, LIM College. In seven weeks (and counting)…I will graduate with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and my excitement levels are through the roof. However, as excited as I am, I am not looking forward to the fierce battle of finding a job. Luckily, my school provides me with opportunities and resources to network in one the world’s fashion capitals, New York City.


Recover from the Weekend Workout

Welp, Monday has rolled around again, and it’s time to hit the gym hard to burn off all those extra calories consumed!

I don’t know about you, but I had a MAJOR cheat weekend. Going out with friends and watching football led to way too much pizza and beer for me.  It’s totally okay every now and then, but I’m definitely feeling BLAH this Monday morning. Hitting the gym for a great workout is what always make me instantly feel better.

So, if you’re looking to recover from a weekend like mine, I’ve got the perfect workouts for you! You can choose to torch those calories with this intense 45 minute treadmill interval workout from Popsugar,  or a total body circuit from Emily Skye. Her Instagram, @emilyskyefit has the best circuit workouts and she is a great inspiration for all things fitness. She posts so many different kinds and they can be done at home or in the gym. I’ve typed up the circuit workout for you, but you can find her workout video that I reposted on my Instagram page, @xotinytips to see how the moves are done!


What I’m Listenting To Now

I currently have all these songs on repeat and though I’d share them with you guys!

The chill vibes of these songs are great for zoning out on a long commute or getting ready!

My absolute favorite of this playlist is Niykee Heaton. I listen to her whole album on spotify, like everyday. Her voice is just amazing.

Do you have songs on repeat right now? Leave them in a comment below – I love finding new music!


Loves! xo

October Wish List

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October’s here! and Fall is in full swing! I’m totally obsessing over the color palette this year! Anything crimson red, deep olive and cobalt blue are really catching my eye. These gem-like tones allow for a feminine and sophisticated style. Also loving white, gray, and nude. They really work in any season, but this Fall, all white outfits are still making a statement, while gray and nude are perfect to compliment any other color.