Feelin Bright !


My outfit of the day certainly brightened my mood! Pairing bright colors together is always fun!

Orange and Coral are two of this season’s hottest colors! Wearing them individually is very fashionable, but wearing them together is a great way to spice up your outfit!

This crazy weather has been getting on my last nerve. Between baking in the sun one day and freezing cold the next, I’m just never sure what to wear! I needed a nice, bright outfit to perk up my mood, so today, I said WHATEVER to the weather. Even though it was sunny, it was still quite chilly.  So, I also wore a white blazer and scarf to keep warm outside. To still be casual and as subtle as I can, I completed my outfit with nude pointy toe pumps.

I love this color combination, because not only does it make you happy, it also makes you look super tan! So break out those bright colors, ladies!

Top & Pants are both from Zara.

Shoes are from Payless (for only $20- STEAL!)


Loves! Xo




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