I am so obsessed with Frank Coffee Scrub! Today was my first time using it, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it made after just one time!

It’s always good to treat your body to a nice moisturizing scrub. Frank Coffee Scrub does just that! It is an all-natural coffee scrub that exfoliates and targets cellulite, stretch marks, acne and more! Check out their website that I posted below, there’s lots of more information of this wonderful body scrub! And it’s only $15 !!

I followed the directions and first got in the shower to get my skin wet, then only used two handfuls of the coffee scrub. At first, I thought two handfuls wouldn’t be enough, but then when I opened it and started, it was plenty! I rubbed it all over my skin in circular motions (and yes, this makes a huge mess…so stay in the shower!) I waited 10 minutes to let it dry on my skin and then rinsed it all off! My skin was instantly so smooth and soft! I will definitely be using this scrub multiple times a week!

Keep in mind, everyone’s skin is different. Definitely take the time to read everything on the website and get the scrub that is right for your skin type. It is recommended to do a patch test first and see how your skin reacts. I didn’t do the test, because I was just too excited to try it. But, if you know you have sensitive skin, do the test first just to be safe.

Get your Frank Coffee Scrub today!

Also, Frank’s Instagram is super funny, so follow @frank_bod for a good laugh!

Loves! Xo


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