Summer Hair Inspiration


I love changing up my hair color every now and then because A. it’s fun to experiment with new looks and B. I’m a libra, so I’m insanely indecisive. After much debate, I decided to take a walk on the lighter side this summer.

I’ve changed my hair color many times, but never too extreme. My natural hair color is dark brown and normally, I like my hair to be super dark (but not quite black). I had ombre a few seasons ago, then I got over it and back to brunette. This summer I got that “I need a change” itch we’re all familiar with, so I decided to go with a lighter, sun-kissed color.

At the salon, I showed this picture below of Kim Kardashian when she went back to brunette after being blonde earlier this year. This was my inspiration, because I love how she has shades of dark and light brown. In natural light, all the lighter hues are perfectly highlighted.



My hairstylist did balayage on my hair to achieve this look. This is when color is applied by hand rather than foil, and the result is more natural looking highlights. She added a little more of a lighter color, because I said, “I want it to look like the sun is always shining on my hair.”  Overall, I’m so in love with the end result! At first, I was a little nervous, because it is lighter than what I am used to, but change was my goal, so I’m very happy I did it!

If you’re toying with the idea of trying a new color, go for it! Embracing change is so refreshing and you’ll feel like a new you!

P.S. Lauren at Salon Escape in Mahopac, NY is who I can thank for this amazing color! All the girls there are great! Check them out on

Facebook: Salon Escape


Instagram: @salonescape_




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