Bundle Up In Style


It seems like the cold weather hit us like a ton of bricks, but I must admit – keeping warm this season isn’t so bad when there are so many fun fall accessory trends! I feel ya – the bitter cold (especially NYC) makes you want to lay in bed and curl up in TONS of blankets, but unfortunately that makes us no money. So when I do bundle up, I do it in style!


Beanie season is here. #CHILLVIBES. Sometimes I find myself thinking, “Oh that person looks super cool” and just about every time they are wearing a beanie. I honestly never saw myself as a hat person, for instance, a regular baseball hat – can’t pull that off, but I truly think beanies look great on just about anybody. Both casual and chic, they’re perfect for day outfits. They add a certain “cool” factor to what could be a simple outfit. What’s also great about them is that they are normally not very expensive and you can go color crazy! I bought this one in white, black, and gray for about $6 each at Forever 21.


Scarves are and always have been a favorite of mine during the winter season. It’s a great way to play with a bold print or pattern. I’ve been seeing plaid everywhere lately, but I try to be careful with plaid, because depending on the colors, it can be super loud. I like to use plaid as an accent, so this black and white plaid scarf adds just the right touch to my all black outfit. Whether you choose a big chunky scarf or a lightweight one like this one, you are sure to look fabulous while keeping warm.


Anything to the knee, I am loving this season. Boots and socks are not only great for keeping your legs warm, but also play up your outfit. Here I am wearing just knee-high boots, but I also loving pair them with knee-high socks. There are so many different styles for this trend. You can buy socks of the same color and take your ankle boots to knee-high OR even thigh-high heights! Or buy different colors and have a cool contrast of colors in your outfit.

Shop the whole look below:

Hat, Scarf, Turtleneck & Jeans – Forever21

Sunglasses- Free People

Boots – Bakers

Bag – Tory Burch 

Last and most importantly, my essential accessory this season is Starbucks. Coffee to keep warm and that red cup to put you in the holiday spirit!




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